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Foods should be avoided on acid reflux diet

On this website it states that there can be many reasons for the heartburn or acid reflux. Most of the time, the acid reflux is caused by improper diet and imbalanced lifestyle. People diet for many reasons. Our lifestyle and food habit are influenced a lot by different factors. However, heartburn is not a universal problem and doesn’t have any specific cause to have it. For the reasons you are having heartburn can cause no problem to others. So, if you can know what is the actual cause of having acid reflux you can set your diet accordingly and get rid of the trouble forever.

The acid reflux or the heartburn is the particular condition of the body which can cause due to the digestion problem. However, there is no relation of heartburn with the heart. Your body produces acid which is needed for the digestion. When the acid production is not enough, the digestion system will break down and the acidity will go backward and cause burning sensation on the heart. However, the problem can also grow when you will produce excess acid to your body. To get rid of these problems easily, you will need to develop the habit of taking foods which will not produce more acid and helpful for reducing acid reflux problem.

There are some foods which you should avoid if you are in an acid reflux diet. You will find some foods which creates more acid on the body. Again, there are some foods which will need more acid content. Some fruits like the citrus juice, grapefruits, lemon, oranges, etc. are highly acidic. Again sauce and soups which are made of tomatoes are also acidic. So, if you are on a strict acid reflux diet, you should avoid these things on your daily food habit.

Foods which are spicy and oily can also create heartburn on the body. Foods made with the chilies, pepper, and garlic should be avoided as these are highly acidic and harmful for our body as well.

Liquids like soft drinks containing soda, fizzy drinks, alcohol, etc. can also cause major acid reflux problem. The stomach acid can be increased a lot due to the consumption of alcohol. Many people think that beer or the fruit juices are good for health and are not responsible for heartburn. But all of these things should not be included on your acid reflux diet. 

Carbonated drinks, over consumption of coffee and tea can also cause heartburn. So, you have to check if you are facing acidity problems for these issues.

Foods containing fat is hard to digest. These foods will keep the acid long time in your stomach and there is much opportunity to get back these acids to the esophagus. Milk and dairy products can also increase acid production.

So, if you want to follow the acid reflux diet properly, these foods should be omitted from your diet list. 


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